2024 8th International Conference on Mineral Resources, Geotechnology and Geological Exploration (MRGGE 2024)
Call For Papers

The topics of interest for submission include, but are not limited to:

I. 矿产资源与可持续发展

矿产资源绿色开发  Mineral Resources Green Development

可持续发展  Sustainable Development

供应和未来需求  Supply and Future Demand

回收和替代  Recycling and Substitution

矿山生态修复  Mine Ecological Rehabilitation

新能源矿产  New Energy Minerals

环境矿物与能源矿物  Environmental Minerals and Energy Minerals

废弃矿井资源开发与利用  Abandoned Mine Resource Development and Utilization

矿产资源分类  Classification of Mineral Resources

Ⅱ. 先进的岩土工程技术与可持续建设

生态建筑和混合建筑  Eco-Building and Hybrid Construction

环境工程与可持续性  Environmental Engineering and Sustainability

结构健康与监测  Structural Health and Monitoring

绿色建筑和节能材料  Green Building and Energy Efficient Materials

地下能源结构  Underground Energy Structures

生态修复  Ecological Remediation

地下空间的可持续性  Sustainability of Underground Space

清洁高效的施工方法  Clean and Efficient Construction Methods

岩土数值模拟  Geotechnical 3-D Numerical Simulation

生态建筑和混合建筑  Eco-Building and Hybrid Construction

Ⅲ. 地质勘探与能源技术
地质能源  Geological Energy

能源的开发与利用  Development and Utilization of Energy

智慧勘探  Intelligent Exploration

地质能源生产与储存  Geological Energy Production and Storage

资源开发中的环境保护  Environmental Protection in Resource Development

能源和地下储藏设施  Energy and Underground Storage Facilities

能源勘探技术与设备  Energy Exploration Technology and Equipment

可再生能源  Renewable Energy

三维数据场可视化技术在地质勘探中的应用  Application of 3D Data Field Visualization Technology in Geological Exploration 

多手段物探技术  Multi Method Geophysical Exploration Technology

三维地质建模  3D Geological Modeling